Hi, I’m Andrew. When people ask me why I started this business, I usually respond with: ‘It was an accident.’ I bought some lumber, created some butcher block, and realized I was pretty good at it. I have a history of working with my hands; my father was a woodworker and taught me many of the skills I have. Everything else came from good, old-fashioned experience. I’ve also taken construction classes and have worked with hardwood flooring install and sanding.

Top Tier Block is a product of my passion for creating and crafting with wood. It is my opportunity to do what I love while providing for my beautiful wife and two babies. Over 2,000 blocks later, and I am officially branching out and reaching a larger client base. My family is what drives me to work so hard, but my loyal & supportive customers continue to motivate me as well. Seeing the fruits of my labor in their homes is fulfilling and rewarding in ways I had not imagined. I am grateful for this journey and can’t wait to see what is in store! Thanks for stopping by!


Lititz, Pennsylvania

Phone: 919-333-8865

Email: [email protected]

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